Saturday, December 10, 2011

And Away We Go...SOON!

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We are on the 'Final Countdown' now... 10...9...8!  Only 8 more days until we hit the road and head back down to WDW for our 'Joyous Celebration 2011 Christmas Gathering'.  I can't believe that in one week I will be going back to my favorite place on earth, Walt Disney World!  And for Christmas, my favorite time of the year to visit.  We have so many magical memories from all of our Disney trips.  And though our family does a lot of traveling, and makes a lot of trips together that are fun and full of memories, non are better or more memorable than those from our Disney trips.

Of all our family trips, travels and vacations it seems to be our Disney ones that we reminisce most often and more fondly of.  We love to get out the scrapbooks (of which there are many) and trip "home-movies" and look back and laugh.

I am furiously planning away for our trip and a few others that have made requests for planning tips and help for upcoming Disney trips too.  So it's off to plan, plan, plan...and dream of Disney (which will be here soon...YIPPEE!).

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