Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who are those crazy Disney People? (ME?)

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Although I am right in the throws of planning our Christmas week Disney trip, I was looking at some pictures today from Halloween and reminiscing over how much fun we had.  And how "crazy" we were...

Ok, first let me say that my husband, Mark and I REALLY get into Halloween.  We love dressing up and getting INTO our characters.  So when I got the bright idea for us to be Woody and Jessie for Halloween this year we were ALL IN!  After planning out, getting the stuff for, and making our costumes we were ready to go...First stop, our church's Trunk-or-Treat.  And I mean we were in character.  All night long we were walking around talking like Woody and Jessie, making fun of the "pretend" cowboys at the other trunk (I mean come on, they didn't even have a pull-string.  Which we DID have.) and just having a ball.  We had the most fun pretending to be Woody and Jessie with the very small children that were there, they really thought we were the real things, I think...well at least 2 did.  There was a little Luke Skywalker and Rapunzel that followed us around, and even wanted their dad to take their picture with us.

At the end of the night though we were 'pooped'.  So that must be what it's like to be a character at Disney.  Well if it is anything like that, I understand now why the characters are only out for a little while and will never complain again when they go on a break just as we are reaching them through the line.  Another thing we kinda discovered at the end of the night was that most all of the other adults at the event must have been thinking..."Who are those crazy Disney People?", there were a lot of visitors at the event, those who are members or regulars know how we are.

And the most funny thing, or ironic thing, about it is that last year when we went to do our "Disney Give A Day, Get A Day" volunteering there was a large family in t-shirts and Disney hats there also.  We were so bad, kidding around about the crazy Disney people the whole day.  Thinking, we are Disney fans, not fanatics.  Well...maybe we are fanatics after all.  And the bad thing is, now there are pictures to prove it.

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