Monday, February 6, 2012

Magical Memories Monday...

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WDW Traditions!
Making memories at WDW is so much fun.  And there are a few special things we just always HAVE to do, our "WDW Traditions".  Special rides, special sayings, special picture taking spots that we have done for years and bring the memories back each time we do them.  Even the simplest little thing can turn into a Disney tradition and bring a special memory back to us. LIKE...

Always going during Thanksgiving Week  (well...2011 and 2009 that got changed up to Christmas Week, but still during the Holiday add going during the Holidays as a tradition)
Staying at All-Star Sports in Building #10 / facing the football field (this too got changed up a bit, 2009 and 2010 we have stayed at the All-Star Music.  BUT we were "back home" for the 2011 trip)
Heading straight to Animal Kingdom after check in
First Ride is always Killamingaro Safari at Animal Kingdom
Going to Magic Kingdom on our first night, always get there at sunset (our first glimps of Cinderella's Castle is always with it lit up and magical)
Taking a photo every trip of me with my son and daughter, Scarlet and Spencer, at the gas station just inside the entrance at Disney Hollywood Studios (this was begun during our very first trip in 1995 when Spencer was 2.  Looking back over the photos and seeing how fast they have grown makes those moments priceless)
Taking a photo of Mark and Spencer on the dock at the end of Maelstrom in Norway Pavillion at EPCOT (this too is one that was started on our very first family trip in '95)

Always, Always...
Decorate our resort room window
Get a Dole Whip Float
Eat Hot Dogs on the sidewalk while waiting for the afternoon parade
Eat Egg Roles and French Fries while watching Fireworks in Magic Kingdom sitting on a bench next to the Rail Road at Pecos Bills
Have a nice quiet lunch or dinner Upstairs at Colonial Harbor House

Definetly Always....
Spend our last night at Magic Kingdom hitting all our favorite rides one last time!

New Traditions...
Eat at Resturant Merekesh in the Moraccan Pavillion at EPCOT for Lunch
Attend a session or two at the Animation Academy inside the World of Animation at DHS

We also have a few personal "little things" we always do...
Before we leave for our trip we get out all the photos and videos from our previous trips and walk down memory lane.
And we take our WDW planning DVD's with us and watch them in the car on the way down.

Also at Disney...
We have made up our own Disney "Symbol" called the "Mouse On"...
When we ride a ride (esp. one with photo) we put up our hands kinda like doing the rock-n-roll hand symbol, but we bend down our pointer finger and little finger to make our hands look like a Mickey head, and say "Mouse On!"

And everytime someone in our party has to take a bathroom break we announce it by stating that we need to go "Piglet" or "Pooh".
What little traditions do you and your family have at WDW?

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