Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Disney's Magical Express

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Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida offers a fantastic FREE service for resort guests. Disney's Magical Express is complimentary transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport.

  •  Book your magical Walt Disney World vacation and make reservations to stay ON property.  
  • Let your travel agent know that you will be flying into the Orlando International Airport. Your flight information isn't necessary at this time but do let your travel agent know your airline and flight numbers as soon as you have made those arrangements. That information will be added to your reservation.
  • Disney's Magical Express luggage tags will be mailed to you with your travel documents. This is typically about 2 weeks prior to your vacation arrival date. Check the tags for accuracy of your name and the resort at which you are staying. Place these tags on ALL checked luggage at your home airport.
  • When you arrive in Orlando, SKIP baggage claim and follow the signs directing you downstairs to the pickup area. Have your Magical Express documents handy. They will be shown at this time. Keep them handy because you will need them for your return trip.
  • Get in line for the bus corresponding with your resort and enjoy the ride! There is even a fun video for you to watch on the way.
  • When you arrive at your resort, check in and leave any carryon bags at bell services if your room isn't ready yet.  You will receive your Key to the World which not only acts as your room key but also has your park tickets, dining credits, and option for charging privileges. Once you have your key to the world you can hop a resort bus, monorail or ferry and head to one of the 4 theme parks or any other Disney Resort location. And start having fun! Don't worry about your other pieces of luggage, they will magically arrive in your room a few hours later.
  • Look for an envelope from Magical Express a day before your departure. It will usually be slid under your door. It will contain a pick up time for your return trip. Plan on it being about 3 hours before your flight.
  • Check out of the resort and in for your flight.  Make sure to check your bags AT the resort.
  • If there is time between your departure from the resort and Magical Express return pickup, let bell services hold your carryon bags while you enjoy a few more moments of your vacation. 
    It's that easy!
    Please note that it is suggested (but not required) that you tip your driver.  And also the bell service attendant who will take care of your luggage at the resort.  I would suggest tipping the driver both coming to the resort and on the return to the airport, as you will most likely not have the same driver.  As for luggage, it is suggested that you tip $1 per bag.  Ofcourse, this is up to your discretion and the service level provided. 

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