Wednesday, August 22, 2012

And Off We Go...again

Pin It Now! Ok so here we go again, and I promise to try to be much more consistent this time with posting and updating. I have a new fancy-shmancy iPhone that makes posting so much easier!

Ok, so I know your use to me having lots of Disney stuff when I posted before, that won't change, but I am also gonna be posting some "just stuff" just to make sure to keep me posting. So bear with me. I hope you'll like it all...but if you don't :)

One thing I'm gonna add to make the blog fresh are some fashion and beauty posts. I'm always getting questions about my clothes (where I got stuff and how I came to put things together), I'm a fashion girl but NOT a fashion-iesta, so don't expect any high falutin' fashion posts. Just stuff I like and works for me. I'm gonna call these posts "Don't dress like a Tourist", and by that I don't just mean while your on vacation but any time. Going to the kids school, running errands, even just hanging around the house or grabbing an ice cream. There is always time to put yourself together, even if it's in a cheap (well lets say frugal) and easy way. Why just throw on a sloppy t-shirt and shorts or old jeans when with just a little more effort you can pull together something that will not only look good, but make you feel good too.

So now that we've established the ground rules for the new blogging, I'll be back in a flash with some stuff for today...

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