Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don't dress like a tourist...even if you are one.

Pin It Now! So this is the first "DDLAT" post. Aren't you excited??!!??

Today was a work day, so I'm gonna share what I chose today with ya. I got a cute maxi dress last night at Old Navy. It was on clearance so I grabbed it up for my upcoming cruise.
*side note #1- ok for those of you who don't know, I'm a bit...frugal with a dollar. OK let's just say it, I'M CHEAP! That said, I like to get as good a quality as I can at the best price. I always hit the clearance section of a store first and consignment and thrift stores are my faces.
*side note #2- I will be going on my first ever cruise, a Disney Cruise, to the Bahamas in Sept (23 days to be exact), so most posts from now on will probably have something to do with the cruise in some way. (I'm a little excited)!

Ok so, the maxi dress is black and a creamy white striped, and I added a white tank under it since it is a tube top style and also threw a black cardigan over it just because my office is freezing. Then I added turquoise earrings and a turquoise necklace to give it a pop of color and little black strappy flip flops to finish it off.

I thought it turned out pretty cute...what'd a you think? I'll definitely be wearing this on the cruise. And it's a great quick, comfy, easy style for work or running errands that still has a little style.

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