Friday, September 7, 2012

Fish Extenders on Disney Cruise Line

Pin It Now! Since its only 5 days now until our Disney Cruise (yipeeee!), I have been getting all the gifts together for our fish extender exchange.

What's a fish extender you ask? Well...let tell you...

On each Disney Cruise Line Ship, each stateroom has a fish hanging on the wall outside the door. This is part decoration and part message center. The fish is there for Disney to place important communications to you such as excursion tickets and notes from the Cruise staff. It is like a mailbox for your room.

A fish extender (FE) can be made of cloth, plastic or vinyl. It can be very creative or very simple. It can even be a simple bag, just so long as it has a pocket (or a few pockets) for you FE gifts to be placed in.

If you are interested in participating in an FE exchange you will want to go to a Disney message board and search for cruise meets. Look for your cruise date and ship name and see if one has been set up. If it has, just login and request to join the FE group. There is usually someone who is setting them up and they will get in contact with you with details. Most FE groups close about 2 weeks before the cruise date, to give everyone time to plan and gather gifts for the exchange. The web is a vast resource for information on FE groups and gift ideas.

All the people in the exchange buy little items and place them in each other's fish extenders. It is great fun to come back and check the items you have received. It's just another little way to add some magic to your Disney Cruise!

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