Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet the Dixie Pixie ... Well sort of meet...

Pin It Now! I am furiously getting the final touches on all my planning for the big 20th Anniversary Disney Cruise coming up in just 2 more days. Final packing is the next thing.

Yesterday I found a cute little app that lets you make a cartoon image of yourself. It's called WeeMee, and I had fun making little cartoon figures of my whole family.

Wanta see? OK here they are...
Wee Dixie Pixie has on the pink top with short red hair. That would be yours truly. (Robin in real like)

Wee Mr Dixie Pixie has glasses and a red shirt. And sexy gray hair just liked DH. U think his Wee is just the cutest thing ever. (his name is Mark)

The Wee man with the beard is my nearly grown first born and only son (Spencer). He's in college studying to be a worship minister. I'm so proud of him!

And that sweet little blonde Wee is my beautiful baby girl (Scarlet). She's a high school sophomore and competitive dancer.

So there you have it...our Wee Family. Luv from my Wee Family to WeeDixiePixie<3 class="separator" data-blogger-escaped-div="div" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">

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