Thursday, October 4, 2012

Throwback Thursday...Disney Style

Pin It Now! Ok, so I have seen all over Twitter and Facebook these Throwback Thursday posts from everyone. So, not wanting to feel left out here is my first TT post. And of course it has a Disney touch.

This photo is of my sister Brandi and I in the Magic Kingdom at WDW during our family trip in April 1983. I have no idea why Disney had this photo set up, but it was in a shop on Main Street USA. Don't you just love the vintage train caboose AND costumes. If I had been smart (and daring) I would have took off running in that costume "Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA"!

Hope you enjoy it! Vintage costumes and hugs your favorite retro Dixie Pixie.

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Terrie Collins said...

Robin, I love your blog. Great job. My first trip to Walt Disney World was in May of 1983.

The Dixie Pixie said...

Thanks Terri! "Small World" right?! Glad you enjoyed the blog site

Kelly Hudler said...

You got a picture on Main Street without a hundred strangers in photo? I have a photo of myself and my oldest son when he was only 1. It was taken at Pirates of the Caribbean. Your post has given me motivation to upload it!