Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips for traveling to WDW with kids...

Pin It Now! When traveling with children, there are always those little extra things you need to remember to do or take with you, to keep them happy and focused. When traveling on a Disney vacation, even though Disney is “the place” for kids, there are a few extra-extra’s to consider. Things that will make your trip magical, fun, and “melt-down” free (hopefully…).

For the trip down and also for those long days in the parks, take your own snacks, drinks, and breakfast items. We always take a lot of snacks, some zip-lock bags, juice boxes, and bottled waters. Don’t forget a backpack to fill for the parks. Then you can have a snack and a drink while you are waiting in the long lines. Some snacks and drinks can be taken into the parks As long as you don’t pack and bring a cooler or a full meal with you, Disney is ok with it. This is also a great money saving tip. Snacks and drinks can be one area that is often not thought to budget for. Bringing a few with you into the park can help save on unexpected expenses. This way when you hear that inevitable, “I’m hungry/I’m thirsty” from your child, you will have something on hand for them. And you can choose the option ahead of time by packing healthy snacks like grapes, apple slices, and water to drink.

Breakfast is another area where expense can get out of hand. You definitely need to have good breakfast before heading out for your day in the park. By packing your own breakfast items to take with you, you can cut down on this cost. Allowing you to budget for a nice sit-down breakfast you may otherwise have not been able to do. I suggesttaking some cereal, plastic spoons, and paper bowls, Pop Tarts, or whatever you like, with you. Grab some milk in the resort store at your hotel and keep it in the refrigerator. In the mornings fix the kids a quick breakfast and let them watch The Disney Channel while you are getting ready. This will save money and time. You won’t waste time standing in the lines at the food court or restaurant.

Another tip is if you have small kids then you must take a stroller. If you cannot pack and take your own stroller, there are great resources for renting strollers while at Walt Disney World. Our family took a stroller for our children until they were 4 years old. Now they were well past stroller age, but…The parks are BIG! And little ones can tire out easily. In addition to being a great asset for getting tired and cranking children through the parks quickly and easily, another benefit to having a stroller is for storage. A big stroller with a cup holder and large basket under are best. This is good for loading stuff up in when you are schlepping around the parks. For parades, kids can take it easy in the stroller while they are waiting, maybe even catch a quick nap, but don’t let them sleep through the parade!

Finally, an often forgotten about asset for those traveling with children is to utilize the special services Disney offers for travelers with children. Rider Swap is a special feature available at select park attractions. Guests can take turns waiting with youngsters too small to ride a certain attraction, then “swap” with another adult guest from their party to experience the rise without standing in line twice. Baby Care Centers are located in each park and allow you to have a nice, clean, quiet place to feed or change your little one, at no additional cost.Some baby care supplies are available. They can be a bit pricier than what you'd probably pay at home, but they can be very handy in a pinch). Facilities are staffed with knowledgeable attendants who can answer questions about handling kids around WDW.

Traveling with your child to Walt Disney World is a magical experience, filled with wonderful opportunities to make lasting memories. With a bit of planning you can ensure that you will have as easy and carefree a trip as possible.


Anonymous said...

Those are great tips! Snacks in a backpack for waiting in line, and rider swaps are a must!

Terrie Collins said...

Great Article and tips Robin, love it!!!