Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best Friends Pet Care Center at WDW

Pin It Now! Have you ever wanted to take your four legged friends with you on a WDW vacation? Did you know, You Can?! While you can not bring animals into the Disney resorts or theme parks, unless they are a service dog, there is a pretty awesome place for your dog or cat to stay at WDW. Check out these pics of the Best Friends Pet Care Center located on Bonnet Creek Pkwy at WDW. I knew they had one, but didn't know it was so nice...well it is Disney, duh!

Here are a few of the features they offer. Above the front desk they have a big flat screen tv that shows a slideshow displaying random pics of the various "guests" (dogs) staying at the "resort" (kennel) having a good time. They even get a "report card”. During their stay the staff make notes about each pet and let you know how your loved-one did.

Dog Walking Trails with doggy water fountains for a sip of water are a nice place to take your pet for a walk when you visit them during their "vacation". The Doggie Villas, WITH TV playing Disney movies starring Pluto of course keep with the Disney standard of resort excellence. Reservations are not required but are suggested and they do not guarantee a spot for your pet. Venomous animals and reptiles are not allowed for boarding. For more information on pet stay requirements and reservations you can call 877-WDW-PETS. Just imagine, on your next Disney vacation your furry friend can have a fun time too!

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Chesley said...

If it didn't cost more to fly my furry babies than myself I would so take them to this, so cool!