Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table: A Review

Pin It Now! One of the most magical experiences we have had at WDW was dinner at Cinderella’s Castle. Known as, Cinderella’s Royal Table, it is a very coveted dining experience. Not quite as hard to get an ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation) for as breakfast but still very, very popular. I had tried for years to get a breakfast reservation at the Castle for my daughter to meet the princes with no luck. And once again, while booking ADR’s for our Thanksgiving week trip during 2007 I had no luck. I did all the tricks I knew…waking up at the crack-of-dawn, calling in ahead of the lines opening, speaking as soon as they answered…but nothing was available.

So imagine my surprise when while booking a dinner reservation for another location, the cast member helping me said, “Actually, if you would like it, I have a 6:15pm dinner time at Cinderella’s Royal Table”. Would I like it? A-YES!, "BOOK IT!" I yelled at the CM in my excitement, this was a special occasion. We would be celebrating a birthday during this dinner!

Our reservation was made and confirmed and I was on a cloud. The dinner would be on the first day of our trip, which would set the whole week off. I was beside-myself in anticipation.

On the day of our reservation we were all so excited. We spent the day at Animal Kingdom until about 2pm, then headed back to our resort to freshen up and travel over to the Magic Kingdom. We arrived at the Magic Kingdom and proceeded up Main Street to the Castle….TO THE CASTLE!!!! When we arrived the CM at the host booth checked us in and we had a short wait and then were told to proceed into the castle to meet Cinderella. MEET CINDERELLA!!!!

We had been given little plastic swords and magic wands for the “boys and girls” in our party (the big kids got them too). So we had fun waiting in line and playing with our “gifts” (that we had paid a pretty penny for the dad’s in our group kept reminding us) and watching the expressions on the faces of the real little kids in other groups as they came in and met Cinderella. It was so magical! We finally got down to Cinderella and each family in our group got time to meet and have their picture taken with the Princess. Then we were all allowed to get together in a group picture with her. The photos were all included in our dinner package price and were very nice glossy photos in a commemorative mat.

After our audience with the Princess we were sent up the staircase. While on the way up we marveled at the details and the beautiful stained glass windows. And then we entered the banquet hall. We were shown to our seats after a short wait, which gave us some time for more photos. Our server was great, he did not rush us through and always asked if we were ready to move along to the next course or needed a little more time. We enjoyed a delicious dinner; appetizer, entree and dessert. Oh did I mention the pretzel bread…it is out of this world! We were all in “hog-heaven” literally.

As we enjoyed our dinner, we were visited by Suzy and Perla (Cinderella’s mice friends) and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) for pictures and autographs. It was so sweet to watch as our teen children were still anxious to meet the characters. Our oldest son even danced with one of the mice around the table. As the dinner drew to a close we were in for a nice surprise…I had informed them that we were celebrating a birthday for one of the dad’s in our party. But we hadn’t ordered a cake or anything. All of a sudden, everyone came out and sang happy birthday to him. Our server had a cute little dome shaped cake covered in while chocolate for him. AND, a set of engraved champagne flutes, “A gift from the Princess Cinderella and Prince Charming”. It couldn’t get any better. It was a perfect end to a perfect dinner.

We made our way back down the royal staircase, where our own little princes’ proceeded to have a sword fight with the little plastic swords. And then on to a fun evening in the Magic Kingdom.

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