Monday, November 5, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Pin It Now! This week on Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia hosted by Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, we have a little tid-bit from the Magic Kingdom.

I love the Magic Kingdom. I love the classic Disney-ness of it. The feel that Walt himself could come walking around the corner at anytime surveying and checking on his masterpiece. But also I love the feel that while those classic touches are there, our new Disney favorites are embraced as well.

So lets start at the start...Main Street USA. Did you know that Main Street in in the Magic Kingdom is much bigger than Main Street at Disneyland? This is to keep up with the larger size of the park and the larger size of Cinderella's Castle, compared to DL's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Next time your on Main Street, take some time and pay a little attention of your own to the attention to detail along the street way. Big and little.

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