Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Pin It Now! Just an FYI -- The camera center at Epcot
(located across from Spaceship Earth) offers to recharge camera batteries for free. If your batteries should die unexpectedly in your digital camera theres no need to purchase new batteries. They do sell batteries (non-rechargeable are the only kind they sell) but if you are using rechargeable batteries just ask the Cast Member working the counter to recharge them for you. They will give you a ticket stub and you just come back when you want (15-30 minutes depending how long you want the batteries to charge) and
you will receive your charged batteries back.

Hope that helps you out. <3 - Your "Energizer" Dixie Pixie!!
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Jodi / Magical Mouse Schoolhouse said...

Well, that is really good to know! Do they charge iPhones too???

Thanks for linking up!