Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Disney!

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Today is Walt Disney's birthday, and I want to take a moment to Thank the man who has made all of the magical memories possible. Not only my personal WDW memories, but also all of the magical moments and memories he and his vision has brought to the world.
Any of us who have been fortunate enough to have visited a WDW Theme Park or Resort have many memories, the most magical of all I'm sure being the first moment we entered into Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom in WDW and saw one of those castles. If you were like me it took your breath away and made the thought of fairytales and dreams coming true real. That memory was only surpassed by the memories of the first time each of my children saw Cinderella's Castle.
And who can forget their first Disney movie? My first Disney movie was a rerelease of Peter Pan when I was 5. I remember being in awe of Peter and of course Tink. That moment began my obsession with Disney animation and Tinkerbell. Oh how I wished I could be sprinkled with pixie dust and fly off to Neverland. And now, thanks to the vision of Mr. Disney, I can, each time I board a magical ship on 'Peter Pan's Flight' in Fantasyland.
It is the imagination, vision and passion of Walt Disney that has allowed for so many magical memories to be born. And for the legacy of Disney Magic to live on and be recreated and new magic to be imagined and brought to life. Through the Disney Imagineers and Animators, it lives on today.
Let's all take a moment to say Thank you and wish this great man a Happy Birthday!

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