Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When to visit Walt Disney World: Special Occasions

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You may choose to visit Walt Disney World to celebrate a special date in your life. It may be as simple as a birthday,
anniversary or the day you had your wisdom teeth removed; or as complex as a large wedding and reception.

Not a month goes by without Walt Disney World providing you with a reason to attend: from the Christmas holiday season to the Flower and Garden and Food and Wine Festivals. If there's not a reason to attend in any specific month, they'll invent one or offer you some kind of great deal like the free Disney Dining Plan.

Should you be sucked in by these promotions? Absolutely; just understand what effect, if any, they will have on your vacation. As an example, the Food and Wine Festival is a lot of fun but it
does attract more people to Epcot's World Showcase -- particularly on weekends, where there's a significant crowd boost from the locals. If you're truly not at all into the Food and Wine type activities, you may want to consider avoiding those dates, or at least avoiding World Showcase on the weekends.

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