Saturday, December 1, 2012

When to visit WDW: Holidays

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Visiting Walt Disney World during a holiday week can offer mixed blessings. The holiday itself may provide some special ceremony or attraction but, considering that the schools are out and nobody's at work, the place could be mega-crowded.
In some cases, for instance Christmas, you can visit during the holiday season and take advantage of all the Disney preparations without falling victim to the crowds on the actual holiday.
Visiting between Thanksgiving Week and Christmas Week will provide you with resorts and parks that are decorated for the holidays, holiday music everywhere, special attractions such as Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party, the Candlelight
Processional and the Osborne Lights, with none of the crowds that will be there for the actual holiday.
My advice is to visit in December (actually anything post-Thanksgiving week) but avoid Christmas Week. Or, if you
want to go a bit earlier, here's a special treat for you -- visit over Halloween and hit the Magic Kingdom on November 1.
Personally, I love to visit Walt Disney World during the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorites and my family and I have enjoyed several trips over these weeks. We have found the parks to be crowded, but manageable with a good touring plan. For me, seeing the decorations and special activities, shows and events they have during this time of year make it worth it.
Traveling over other holidays may also be fun, but there are a few things to consider. Easter week and Independence Day are very high capacity times at WDW. With families traveling due to kids being out of school. Something else to consider is the weather, especially in the summer months, temperatures get very high and mid day showers are very common. You may want to consider this and if you want to spend time running from rain showers or standing in long lines in the heat. Also, park hours are often shorter over these times as well.
If you feel the need to be at Walt
Disney World on one of these special days, please plan, plan, plan (and plan some more) so you're as prepared for what you'll face as is possible. In my experience, those that were most pleased with their holiday experience knew precisely what to expect and planned for it.
I am always happy to answer any questions you may have about a Disney vacation or when the best time for your family to visit would be. Contact me anytime; 704-266-0570 or

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