Thursday, December 6, 2012

When to visit WDW: Pricing

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When you do your homework, you will discover that Walt Disney World will actually charge different rates for their resort hotels based upon the time of year. That shouldn't be surprising to anyone but it often is. Disney knows that a lot of people will want to visit during Christmas Week. As a result, resort prices will be higher during this "high capacity" time. On the other hand, rates in January, which is typically a "low capacity" time at WDW are much lower.
My advice is to become familiar with Walt Disney World's pricing seasons when planning a vacation there. The seasons will vary from year to year and, sometimes, from resort to resort. The following is an approximate breakdown from least (crowded and expensive) to

Value Season: After New Year's Day until mid-February and August to September

Regular Season: Mid-April to Mid-May,
October through Thanksgiving

Summer Season: Late May through early August

Peak Season: Mid-February (Presidents' Week, typically) through mid-April

Holiday Season: Christmas Week through New Year's Day

If you would like more information about WDW pricing seasons or when would be the best time of year for you family to visit WDW, contact me. I am always happy to answer any Disney questions.

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