Monday, March 10, 2014

Fashion for kids -

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Today on the blog we are taking a "little" break and focusing on kids fashion. Specifically the popular "hipster" look for kids. You may have seen the cute pictures all over Pinterest, of boys and girls all dolled up to look like miniature adults. I just live this look, and this past weekend I had the chance to try out a little hipster look on my niece. 
      Hipster Fashion

LuLuDaBooBoo (as she's known across my social media sites) was my tiny model. It's so fun to dress her up and fix her hair. She, like her Aunt Robin, loves Makeup, fixing her hair and getting dresses up. The outfit we chose she wore to church with us. 

First I took a cute little drop waist dress in black and white that had a made in belt and added black leggings. The dress has a sixties style vibe, with a classic Audrey Hepburn look. I added a white bubble necklace, it's a little over sized but added a great accent to the black and white pattern at the top of the dress. Some black sequin flats finished off the outfit. 

       Kids hipster fashion

Of course we had to have some really light makeup, just some blush and a little lip gloss for fun. I pulled LuLu's hair up into a high bun on top of her head and added a black Rose hair accessory with some feathers. 
Kids hipster fashion looks

And there you have it. My own little Pinterest Hipster Pinup. I've posted pictures on my Pinterest boards, so please click the link and come follow me there for lots of fun stuff and more blog articles. 

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-The Dixie Pixie

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