Friday, March 14, 2014

Get Organized - How to create a Fashion Inspiration Book

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The other day we talked about Spring and Summer coming and getting ready to change out your seasonal wardrobe. We also looked at some great summer fashion ideas. I mentioned that I love to get inspiration for outfits from Pinterest. It's a great source of ideas and inspiration. The problem can be that there are so many ideas on Pinterest how do you keep them at your fingertips so you can have them for creating your own inspired looks? The answer, create a Fashion Notebook. 

I have used fashion notebooks for inspiration for years. I can remember making them all the way back in high school. I would cut pictures out of my Seventeen and TEEN magazines of looks I wanted to recreate or fashion,makeup,and hair ideas. And I'm still making them today. For my notebooks I like to use a small spiral notebook. Any brand will do, just make sure it's small enough to fit in your purse but big enough to get several outfit print outs on per page. Here's just one of fashion notebooks:

fashion notebook
As you can see, it's busting at the seems with great ideas. I draw inspiration from magazines and catalogs. But mostly from Pinterest. 

When I come across an outfit I'm inspired by on Pinterest I print out the look, cut it out and paste it into my notebook. That way I easily have it available when I'm getting dressed. I also throw my notebooks in my purse when I'm going on a shopping trip. That way I have my inspiration outfits there to guide my purchase choices so I'm not just buying things on a whim I may never use. 

Another thing I put in my fashion notebook are packing list inspiration. I create them on my Polyvore website. I have packing lists for any travel situation. And just as taking the notebook with me on shopping trips keeps me from impulse purchases, the packing lists help me to pack just what I need. 


I hope these tips have helped you and inspire you to create a fashion notebook of your own. Try it, I'm sure you'll have fun searching magazines, catalogs and Pintetest boards to find outfits that inspire you. 

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Anonymous said...

Great idea thanks. Just this spring I was invited to a Cabi show. Though I enjoy the clothes and love the fashion I cannot afford them, so I kept the invite that had some wonderful outfit ideas for spring summer and I plan on taking it with me shopping at my fav discount stores. Keep the ideas coming!