Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to start a You Tube Channel

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I have been blogging for several years now, and along the way I was introduced to You Tube channels by fellow bloggers. I enjoyed jumping on You Tube to check out channels and clips from some of my favorite bloggers and just fun little random clips too. I actually thought for a long time that in fact those little fun random videos were the only thing on You Tube.  Boy was I wrong! There is an entire community of "Vloggers" with great channels that host video tutorials, tips, reviews, and much more on a myriad of topics. So recently, being inspired by those You Tubers that I have enjoyed over the years, I am jumping into the "vlog-isphere" and have created my own You Tube Channel. This article will give you a few tips on how to start your own You Tube channel.

My channel originally began as my blog did, as an extension of my Disney travel planning business. But, as with the blog, I have recently changed over the focus of my You Tube channel to feature tips, reviews, and tutorials having to do with makeup/fashion/and more.

You Tube
Video Cover from my latest upload...March 2014 Empties - Things I liked and disliked that I used for the first time in March.

Starting a You Tube channel is very simple. Just go to the You tube website and sign up for an account. From there I would suggest that you first spend some time researching topics you may be interested in to find some favorite channels and subscribing to follow vloggers as they post videos. This will give you a base to create a community to get feedback from and start online/You Tube relationships with people who will become cheerleaders for you own channel once its up and running. After you get a base of channels you like and follow, then its on to setting up the components of your own channel. Create a "creation" video, this will be a welcome to those coming to your channel that introduces yourself and tells a little about what you will be focusing on in your videos. Make sure to complete all of the sections, especially the "About" page, giving a description about yourself and your channel and linking to your blog or any social media accounts you may have. After you set up the basics of the channel pages, you will want to visit the "Dashboard" to set up your settings, make sure to set your channel to be monetized. Even if you have very few views and subscribers in the beginning, you will want to get that set up early, as it will pay off in the long run - literally. Finally, the last step will be to start making videos and uploading the to your channel.

Creating videos is very simple. Some channels feature great lighting and lots of technical aspects to their videos, but for the most part, its just people like you and me who have something to say and sit down in front of a camera to get it out. Making your video can be as simple as using your smart phone (iPhones have great apps for creating and uploading videos quickly all from your phone), or you can use a video camera and upload the videos to your computer for editing and loading to You Tube. However you choose to create your videos, start simple and then you can add creativity and know how as you become more comfortable with your videos.

So come on! Join me on You Tube and lets have some fun! If you aren't interested in starting your own channel, please visit my channel and subscribe for fun videos on fashion, makeup, and a whole lot more!

Ya'll have a great weekend!....The Dixie Pixie

Channels I love on You Tube:
Elle is for Living
Kandee Johnson
Mattie Roberts
Nisha / Sugar Puff and Fluff

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