Friday, March 7, 2014

Outfit of the Day - My Go-To Look

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I'm having so much fun here on The Dixie Pixie Blog with the new articles and blog direction of makeup and fashion tips. Thanks for joining me for the ride. Please comment down below with any thoughts or suggestions. I appreciate the feedback. 
     How do you like the new blog logo?
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While I am having fun relaunching the blog and my other social media outlets, it has been tiring. So today I'm chilling out and having a "Casual Friday", but of course with some Dixie Pixie style. 

Today's look is comfortable and easy. I've chosen an oversized Ralph Lauren Polo jean shirt (that I stole from my husband,shhh), black Danskin leggings and my favorite black Ugg boots. This is my go-to look for a great comfortable outfit. I styled it up with a cute little floral scarf I found at a great thrift store. 
          An casual but still stylish
        look that can go anywhere. 

Hope you are enjoying the new look of the blog! Have a great weekend. 
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