Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is Here! - Spring 2014 Makeup

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It's the first day of Spring! Whoo-Hoo! And hallelujah it's sunny and pretty warm here in North Carolina today. There are rumors it may not last, but for today it's no jacket, coat, scarf or boots and I'm loving it. I can't wait to pull out the warm weather wardrobe, as you can tell from my posts all this week. But we can't forget the most important part of any look no matter the season, makeup! Today I wanna share my favorite color pallet for Spring (and Summer) 2014. 

My go-to makeup place is Target, and their line of E.L.F. Cosmetics and Sonia Kashuk are my favorites. The SK line is where my color pallet inspiration comes from. What's hot for Spring and Summer you ask? CORAL/PEACHY TONES for lips and cheeks & SHIMMERY NEUTRALS for your eyes. 


For cheeks; coral blush gives you a glow that pinks and plain bronzer just can't. You'll look like you've been kissed by the warmth of the sun. 
Lips will look rich and full. Line with a neutral color lip liner, followed by a light peachy lipstick. Then go back over the whole lip with a pretty coral gloss. 
Finish off with shimmery neutral tones for your eyes. Choose a base color that is very close to your own skin tone, then contour the crease area with a shadow that is just a shade darker. Finish the look off with a sweep of a shiny, glittery golden tone just under the brow. I know this seems completely opposite of everything you've ever been told on how to apply eye shadow, shine on the lid not brow bone. But trust me, flipping it will give you a sun kissed look and draw your eyes out. Try it. 

I tried the lip look and loved it!


So there you have it. A great color pallet to show off this season. I'll be posting a tutorial on my YouTube channel soon and will post a link once it's up. 

Until next time...The Dixie Pixie. 

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