Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tips for changing out your seasonal wardrobe -

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There is something you should know about me...I love organization! I love planning, lists, preparing, cleaning out closets, etc. Anything that leads to an orderly and well functioning result makes me very happy.  Changing out my seasonal clothes each year is never a "chore" for me. I look forward to the process and going through each item in my closets and drawers, changing out the clothes I have been wearing and opening up and putting out those treasured items that had been packed away.  It's almost time to start switching out my winter wardrobe to my spring and summer clothes.  

 I still have my fall/winter wardrobe out, but hopefully will switch soon. I love a well organized and color coordinated closet, can you tell?

Each time I go about this task, I love the way getting out those clothes that have been packed away feels like going on a little shopping spree...for FREE! Are you the same way? I'm always amazed that I usually forget about some of the items, especially those I may have purchased at the end of the previous season that I may not have gotten to wear as much.  This makes changing out my wardrobe even more fun, as I get excited planning out the ways I will wear the "new found" items.  Pinterest is one of my very favorite places to find ideas for outfits and fun new ways to wear my clothes. I'll have an article to help you with organizing all of those great Pinterest outfit ideas tomorrow.

Right now I am searching for and finding awesome little spring and summer looks on Pinterest that I can't wait to try out.  My key rule when I find an outfit look I like, is to try to see how I can copy the look for as little as possible.  I'm pretty good at recreating a look I've found much less than the original inspiration look.

My best tips to achieve this are:

1) Look for things you already have: Pants are usually the easiest piece of the ensemble to have already in my wardrobe. Staples like jean jackets, tanks, and flats or flip flops for summer looks are usually already in my wardrobe pieces too.  So then I just have to recreate a few items to complete the look I'm going for.

2) Remember...Shop for Bargains: When I do have to find a piece of the outfit I'm trying to copy, I always hit my favorite bargain and discount stores first. This helps me save money and as you know I love to shop for sales and deals.

3) Don't get hung up on the "Exact" look:  If you can't find a piece of the outfit you are trying to recreate, it's ok...take the general look or style of the outfit and work towards that.  Or, try to find a similar item in another color or style that is close to that of the inspiration outfit. Remember to try to make the look your own, use colors and styles that are flattering to your body type and coloring and that can easily be incorporated into other outfits.

Most importantly, have fun with recreating looks and while your at it try to CREATE some new looks of your own. 

To follow my Summer Fashion ideas board on Pinterest CLICK HERE.

Here are some of my favorite Spring/Summer outfit ispirations I can't wait to try:

   Everyone needs a great maxi-dress outfit for summer. I styled this one on my Polyvore site. More about the awesomeness of Polyvore coming soon!

A pair of white crop pants are essential for your summer wardrobe. 

Polka-dots are a fun way to add some style to your outfit. Pop in some bright color and your summer look is complete. 

Red, White and Blue are must haves for a great 4th of July look!

Until next time...The Dixie Pixie!

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