Monday, September 22, 2014

Disney Magic Bands

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The Walt Disney resorts and theme parks instated a new program last year to help guests get the very most out of their Disney vacation. The 'My Disney Experience' program, along with the new Fastpass+ and Magic Band systems are wonderful. Below is some information to guide you through each aspect of My Disney Experience, Fastpass+ and Magic Bands:

What do they do?

· Magical Express Voucher:  For those utilizing the Magical Express your flights and resort information is on your account and will allow you to check in for the express with a simple scan of your band.  This means that your band does need to be in your carryon luggage so you can have it handy at the airport.

· Room Key:  No more digging in your bag or pockets for your room key.  Simply touch the Magic Band to the Mickey head and you’re into your room. 

· Dining Plan:  For guests who have added one of the Dining Plans you will find your credits are loaded onto the bands as well.  After ordering, tap your band and you’re ready to go.

· Park Ticket:  Your park tickets will be loaded onto the band as well.  When you enter the parks each day you hold you band to the sensor and then a quick finger scan.    You can even load special event tickets onto your band for Mickey's Not-So-Scary-Halloween Party or Mickey's Very-Merry-Christmas Party. 

·  Fastpass Plus:  This may become your FAVORITE feature on the bands.  Fastpass Plus allows you to schedule your times for some of the most popular rides and attractions even before leaving home! No more mad dash to Toy Story Mania! No more worrying about losing your Fastpasses while waiting for your return window!

·   Photopass and Memory Maker:  The ability to link your Photopass pictures to your Magic Band, eliminating the need to carry and keep track of the Photopass cards. 

· Credit Card:  As with the Key’s to the World card you are able to assign a credit card to your band for in park purchases.  And if your band is lost don’t worry; no one can use it but you. At check in you will set up a PIN code for your band, every purchase made with it…even if it’s just a soda, requires the PIN to be entered correctly.  Different people in a room can have different cards linked to the bands.  For example, if Grandma has come along and is staying with you she can have her credit card on her band for her charges and you your own. 

How do I get them?

· The first thing you must do is set up a My Disney Experience Account on
You must have an account in order to customize your bands and set up the Fastpass Plus. 

· 60 Days prior to your trip you will be able to customize your magic bands. 

· You will have a variety of colors to choose from and you can change your mind…and if the colors aren’t enough there are of coarse a variety of accessories available at the resort to truly make your band your own.

· Bands will ship a few weeks prior to travel. 

· Don’t worry if you don’t customize your bands before leaving, standard gray ones will be waiting for you at your resort when you check in.

How do they work?

· Parks, Resorts, Dining, and Shops have been updated to accommodate the new technology. All you do to use your Magic Band is locate a sensor pad, and simply match Mickey head to Mickey head….wait for the green light, and you are set to go!

· If you are making a purchase, after getting the green light you will enter your PIN code.

What if I have a problem?

·  Because this is a relatively new technology, and as with any new technology, there are bound to be a glitch or two.  I recommend asking for backup Key’s to the World Cards upon check in, allowing you back up access to your dining credits, room, and park tickets.

· Find a cast member.  The ones carrying I pads or that have the Magic Band symbol on their shirt are the best ones.

· Don’t panic.  Most issues can be resolved within minutes.

So now you have the basics about Disney Magic Bands. Ready to try it out for yourself?
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